Yuta – EK Sedan



The Civic sedan was a compromise for Yuta, a substitute for the S2000 that was to be his daily driver. The logical choice that trumped emotional desire. From a financial standpoint it made more sense, owning a car rather than making payments, the money saved on insurance, replacement parts, not to mention the utility of four doors and a trunk. Mildly modified it was quick, at least on the downhill, so the car stayed in a state of good enough for several years – until a little bitch named destiny intervened. The car was hit and totalled. By this point Yuta had already developed a fondness specific to white fifth generation Civic sedans, another was purchased nine months after the accident. Taking the opportunity to rethink the car’s purpose in his life, Yuta decided that it would no longer be a daily, and the rebuild was planned accordingly. The car was campaigned for a year in Redline Time Attack to disastrous results, it became apparent that major changes would be necessary to be anywhere close to competitive. And thus the second rebuild began.

15262515012_d835cd3644_b15076154689_a2d077251c_bPhotos Courtesy of Stickydiljoe.com