Kristian – EK






The fifth generation Civic hatchback was a bit of a dream for Kristian Wong, a car that he had an immense appreciation for since its introduction in 96. This particular chassis was purchased as a rolling shell from a friend, a car that Kristian had once been acquainted with in years past. A deadline was set: the season opener of Redline Time Attack 2014, just a couple months away. Work on the car started immediately, the engine bay was stripped, stitch welded and coated in grey. Another Civic hatchback was purchased, this one strictly for the engine. The built B18 was transplanted into the new chassis, as the first round of Redline 2014 came and went. Deadlines were shifted and miscellaneous parts continued to trickle in. Finally, on April 6th 2014 Kristian and his Civic embarked on it’s maiden voyage to Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. Although plagued by transmission issues which became apparent during the 160 mile drive, Kristian took home first place that day, setting the trajectory for the remainder of the season and the remainder of this Civic’s racing career.

Photos courtesy of: The Chonicles & Narita Dog Fight