Kristian – DC2 (N2 Special)

11162442_973504476007329_3837114504781274710_nDuring the planning stages of VTEC Club, Kristian joked about building a DC Integra for the Group N2 class. A heavy chassis with a 1.6 litre single cam engine. What started as an ongoing joke became reality when Kristian purchased this DC2 as a rolling shell. A D16Z6 was purchased, torn down and rebuilt with slightly higher compression and significantly lower friction. Light weight was the obvious focus with this vehicle, the engine choice in itself set the tone for the build by weighting in at a solid 100lbs less than what it replaced. Although this car is still under construction, just the aesthetic appeal is generating lots of buzz. We hope to see it in action at the first event of the second season  of VTEC Club 2015.