Amir – M3


a2a3For the vast majority of luxury sport sedans, there is a decisive turning point in their life, a moment when their true value is questioned, when the cost of maintenance outweighs their worth as a car. For most BMWs, this moment leads to their death. If they are fortunate, a quick and painless demise – a one way trip to the crusher, for others without such luck, they are sold to somebody with even less financial means, forced into a life of compromises and irreversible wear, to deteriorate slowly never to relive their full performance potential. This car was not destined for death, not by another machine or as a casualty of a life beyond financial means. This car was purchased by Amir with a purpose, to be his daily driver and weekend track car. Seeing the value in the platform, but also in this particular car – which, as it turns out was quite a rare model, a red manual sedan without a sunroof, Amir took care of the necessary repairs, reviving the M3 past its intended potential through the use of aftermarket performance parts. Although competing the 2013 season of Redline Time Attack may not have been in the original plans for this car, this decision cemented this particular M3’s fate forever. 2013 was just a prologue to the 2014 season, in which this M3 went completely undefeated while setting a class record at each and every track it visited. Currently the car is under construction, in the midst of a major rebuild for a new class.